Sunday, November 28, 2010

Contract News

I'm very pleased to announce that I've just signed a contract to have Noble Romance Publishing publish a romantic suspense of mine, Dead Reality. DR is about two FBI agents who go undercover on a bachelor-type reality TV show to catch a serial killer. I had fun writing this manuscript, because while there are dark themes to it, and some dark moments, the hero, Bryce, was such a smart-alec. Some of the stuff he came out with when sparring with the heroine, Ella, was entertaining to say the least, so he's kind of had a special place in my heart ever since. Plus, in the end he mans up and does what he has to do. I just hope readers enjoy it as much.
Anyway, I have about 12,500 words left to write of Severance, so I'd better get to that!


Eleni Konstantine said...

Congrats Jess!!! That's wonderful news.

Lynn Colt said...

Congrats! Love this premise, it sounds like so much fun :)

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