Thursday, November 25, 2010

Chugging Along

There's not really any other way to describe it! I am chugging along at the moment, trying to find that magic balance between home life and writing, trying to get Severance finished and contemplating what I'm going to write next.
I've heard back from a few more agents, but have held off sending anymore queries yet - partly because I'm more interested in getting Alastor's story finished at the moment. A couple of rejections have been run of the mill form letters, but one rejection in particular left me happy and more determined than ever to get an agent. This agent said while she really liked the story, she has a full client list at the moment and doesn't have a place for a newbie author. She didn't feel she'd be the right agent for me because she knew she didn't have the time to devote to the project I deserve. Obviously I would require more work than a veteran author simply swapping agents, because I don't have the experience yet. But I had to be happy from that because it seemed to suggest that if she had a place open in her client list for a newbie author, she would have seriously considered taking me on.
So as each near-miss rejection rolls in, I become more determined that I will get an agent. But, as each agent gets back to me with a rejections, I start thinking more and more about starting that Phoenix/Griffin paranormal romance idea I have. But, the urge is not so strong, its just a vague inkling. So, for the time being I'll ignore it and keep up with querying, I still have a few agents left on my list. Maybe in the new year I'll get to that paranormal romance.
For now, I have more than enough work to keep me occupied!

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