Wednesday, November 17, 2010

And the Promo Whirlwind Begins.

I haven't done much writing in the last couple of days because I've been busy filling in interview sheets, organizing promo spots for myself, and pretty much sending my cover all over the place. And of course I'm still floating over it. I think I will be for a long time!
In other news, I got a really positive rejection from an agent a few days back. She'd read some of my ms and said although Atrophy wasn't right for her, if I don't find anyone willing to take it, she wanted to see other work from me. So, that's another open door for me I suppose. Of course, I really want to sell Atrophy to someone, but I have to admit, I have a contingency plan in my phoenix/griffin series if I can't find an agent for my sci-fi romance.
The idea is a paranormal romance and I think I've managed to come up with an idea that is quite a bit different from any other paranormal romances going around at the minute. Of course, I'd love to throw myself headlong into it and write the story, but I honestly don't have time right now. Other projects obviously need to take priority.
I'm still hoping to get Severance finished in the next couple of weeks, though as the days go by and I don't have time to write, the date of completion keeps getting pushed back. And I can only hope that people really like Sanctuary and want to go on to read Alastor and Nakita's story.
So much to do, but I love being busy.

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