Saturday, October 2, 2010

When Its Not Clear

After considering the comment left by Tez on my last post, which was that I shouldn't wait before querying other agents, I thought "she's right!" and sent out a couple more queries, which, I'll tell you were more carefully considered.
I had wanted to wait for The Agent to reply before I went on to other agents because for one, whenever I'd dealt with her in the past, she was always very prompt in her replies to me. And two, because in the last couple of rejection letters I got from her, she said some very nice, encouraging things and urged to me continue to query her in the future.
But as the weeks go by (coming up on three now) and I haven't heard from her, I guess the shine is starting to wear off my hope. I'm also debating whether or not to email her and let her know I got a referral from a fellow published RWA member to put in a query to her agent and have sent the first three chapters. But a partial is only a partial and nothing to get too excited over.
Meanwhile, back to the original point of this post. In writing these queries and considering the individual tastes/needs of any given agent, I seem to have run into a problem. Just what, exactly, is my manuscript considered? At first I assumed it was a straight sci-fi romance, but then, in the romance genre, these types of books are sometimes referred to as 'futuristic' romance. And then there's the story line itself. Part of the main plot revolves around a race of shape-shifters and one of the characters has almost supernatural abilities (she is telepathic and has telekinetic abilities, as well as some command over the elements). So is my manuscript in fact a cross genre of paranormal sci-fi romance? Or do I call it a paranormal futuristic romance? See where my confusion is? You'd think having written the thing, I'd damn well know what it was!
I'm inclined to lean away from the 'straight sci-fi' tag, as I've read some agent posts which flat out say sci-fi is not hot right now. And paranormal if always a big seller, so I guess I'm leaning towards paranormal futuristic. Either way, I should probably work it out before I send too many more queries!


Tez Miller said...

I thought "she's right!"

You've made my day! :-)

My definition of futuristic is "set on Earth, circa 100 years into the future". Something like that any. If the setting is space or another planet, that's "space opera" or sci-fi.

Now, because you've got paranormal elements too, things get confusing. Luckily, I remember that Gena Showalter's Alien Huntress series involves aliens and vampires. Mind you, I gave up on the series after 3 books, but if you can find out what they're marketed as (check with the publisher: Simon & Schuster), that would be your genre. Sub-genre. Whatever.

P.S. Gena Showalter is with the Knight Agency, I think.

Jess Anastasi said...

Thanks, Tez. In some ways that makes it a bit clearer, but still comfusing... maybe I'll stick it with a paranormal sci-fi tag and be done with it.
This has given me a headache, LOL.

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