Sunday, October 3, 2010

Oh No, She Didn't

Yes actually, I did.
And no, this time it has nothing to do with brain-snaps that cause me to email agents when I shouldn't.
Fellow writers can probably understand exactly what I'm about to talk about. Have you ever been 'attacked' by an idea. I mean, literally assailed by it until you can't think of anything else and your brain just keeps spinning around and around and it won't let you think of anything else and it certainly won't let you sleep until you DO SOMETHING with it, godammit!!
That's what happened to me yesterday and as you can see down the side of my blog here, I've added another word meter. I know I should be getting on with writing Alastor, but when this idea and characters and setting struck me out of nowhere yesterday afternoon, the itch to write it couldn't be ignored, much like what happened with Atrophy. And I wrote that in just on seven weeks. So, in another 7 weeks, might I have another completed manuscript to shop around? This is a good way to keep my mind from being consumed by the queries I've already sent out for Atrophy and the ones I'm likely to send out in the future.
Now for the damn genre tags again. I think this one's going to be a paranormal romance, but it could conceivably be an urban fantasy.
After some google research and a fantastic article by Keri Arthur, I've come to the conclusion this book will fall under the paranormal romance banner. So with my characters calling for attention, I should go do something about getting a few more words on the page.

1 comment:

Kez said...

lol, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do! Strike while the muse is hot etc etc :)

Good luck with it!

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