Saturday, September 25, 2010

Quick to Forget

The agent I queried yesterday got straight back to me, but no luck, unfortunately. And how quick I am to forget that moment of excitement and anticipation as you see the reply email waiting in your inbox, quickly followed by disappointment as you read the politely worded, generic rejection.
Like all authors, I'm left with the questions of why? On her blog, this agent said they see too many sci-fi queries that sound generic, so was that my problem? Does the plot in the query letter sound too run-of-the-mill? Or was it some other factor that stopped them from wanting to see more.
I'm worried now about hearing from The Agent. I had a bit of trouble writing the brief summary of my book for the query letter when I never had before. In the end, I paired it right back, but now I'm worried that I may have left out too much information that may have separated this book from the hundreds of other sci-fi queries this other agent receives.
Now I'm considering re-writing the summary, yet I've already blown my chance with this other agency. I can't just re-word the query and send it back again, can I (though I'm sure I other people have!)?
There's nothing I can do about it right now. I might have a go at re-writing the summary, but I don't think I'll go querying any other agents until I hear back from The Agent. I can only hope if the summary isn't reading very well, she might decided to take a look at it anyway based on the basic familiarity we've developed over the past years.

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