Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Beginning

I made a good start on Alastor yesterday, wrote 2000 words. Not-so-surprisingly the scene went a way I wasn't quite expecting, but I'm very happy with it because I can see the following scenes unfolding well from this point. If I'm in the right frame of mind, Thursday is usually the one day of the week I can get the most work done. So, we'll see if I can kick things along a bit to get chapter 1 finished and make inroads on chapter 2.
Meanwhile, while I sit in my house, in front of my computer, doing the same thing I do everyday, one of my oldest friends is in South Africa at the moment. I got an email from her this morning about some volunteer work she's been doing with children. I've asked her if I could put it up here on my blog, because I think its a great thing she's doing and I know its something I don't know if I could do myself. Sure, I could volunteer to work with kids, that's the easy part. But in a country like South Africa, in a squatters camp? That takes some character.
So, possibly tomorrow I will have that to share with you and more as her trip continues on in the coming weeks (but I'm not living gratuitously through her at all.)
I've got some industry blogs to cruise, then its into my writing!

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