Saturday, August 21, 2010

No Love

Woke up this morning to yet another rejection in my inbox. This is the first time in a few years now that I've done a round of queries and not had one single request for more material. If it hadn't been for the helpful insider info I got from The Agent, who I queried first and told me editors are starting to get sick of seeing romantic suspense (as it was for paranormal a few years back) then I might have started having some serious doubts about myself.
While I thought it would have been nice to get my SOAP manuscript somewhere with another agent, I still dream of making The Agent into My Agent and her encouraging words and willingness to help me has given me continued hope.
Which is why I'm powering through the futuristic/sci-fi romance I've been working on, hoping that it will be the one she will take.
So though I might send out a few more queries here and there for the rom sus, I won't be too upset or surprised if rejections for it keep coming in.
In other submissions news, I sent a query letter and partial to Noble Romance Publishing for a futuristic paranormal novella I wrote about a year ago now. I really liked that story and my CP liked it and mentioned a few times I should try subbing it somewhere else, but since it was a mix of genres, I was never sure where I might be able to send it. Noble Romance apparently likes mixed genres, things that are a bit different and 'cutting edge' ideas. If they decided to take it, I'd like to develop the idea into a series (I always want to develop ideas into a series) and write full length manuscripts of 90,000 to 95,000 words. I thought if they publish my futuristic paranormal, I might also be able to give them the manuscripts I'd written with Silhouette in mind. Noble are only a small e-press at the moment, but they seem to be growing and will be branching out into print later in the year. They also come highly recommended on the Predators and Editors website.
So, as usual, I have lots of work to keep me busy and lots of prospects to keep my hopes up.

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