Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The News I've Been Waiting For

I'd resisted blogging for the last few days because I was playing the 'wait and see' game. I heard back from Noble Romance Publishing only a couple of days after I sent the query and partial off to them. Their acquisitions editor requested the full manuscript, saying I'd done a remarkable job of creating a believable alternate universe and that she loved it. Later the next day I sent off the full after giving it one last read-over. Not even 48 hours later I heard back from them, there was an email waiting in my inbox from them this morning. The opening line was 'what an awesome book.' I literally jumped out of my chair when I read that, skimmed the rest of the email saying they were going to publish it and welcoming me to Noble Romance Publishing, then I went running up the other end of the house to tell my husband.
I'm over the moon about finally, finally getting myself a publishing contract, but more than that, I can't believe its been through writing romantic sci-fi. It was the one genre I'd always secretly wanted to write, but never had because they've never sold very well. It seems the market is coming around though, and making a name for myself as a romantic paranormal sci-fi author is my deepest dream come true.
I'll put details up about release dates and all that jazz as it comes in. But for now, here's to many years writing and many books published!


Eleni Konstantine said...

Jess- yay!!! Congratulations!!!

Lynn Colt said...

Congrats!!! Sometimes trying that something you really love is what makes the breakthrough. Very awesome :)

Cathryn Brunet said...

Congratulations, Jess. This is wonderful news.

Sandie Hudson said...

WOOHOO Jess, wonderful news. I'm so happy for you and yes, here's to many novels and many years of publishing.


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