Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hard At It

I haven't posted for almost a week now because I've been working hard trying to get my romantic sci-fi finished before I start doing things like revisions and writing another whole new book for Noble. I still plan to query The Agent as soon as possible, so as we speak, my CP has started looking over my first 3 chapters for me. I really feel like I'm on a roll at the moment, so want to get this query in while I'm hot. Hopefully I'll be ready to query within the next two weeks. I've only got around 17,500 words left to write and I always find this an exciting time, writing up to the ultimate climax and then winding things down. As well as the prospect of starting another new story in book 2. I know. Another new story. As if I really need another one. So that's where I'm at. As always, with more than enough to keep me out of trouble.

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