Monday, August 16, 2010

Claytons Conference Weekend Wrap-up

Didn't get a chance to post last night, by the time the day was over and the awards all handed out, I was exhausted!
I have to say, it was a great weekend, I had lots of fun and got heaps out of it. And I have to announce, just quietly, I didn't do too badly when it came to awards for the weekend writing challenges. I placed in every challenge I entered but one and then as if that wasn't exciting enough, I won the Claytons Conference AAA award for the weekend, which went to the author they thought had contributed, helped others and generally had the drive and 'gumption' to go all the way and become a published author. Once the chat transcribes are posted, I'll put up here what the moderators actually said, because it was all very lovely. I never dreamed I would win something like that! I almost fell off my chair when they announced my name, I just couldn't believe it.
I guess it just re-enforces my belief that I'm almost 'there' and I'll admit, it does feel good to have people believe in me and endorse me by presenting me with such a wonderful award. As I said, I'll have more details (including my actual placings in the writing challenges) once the award night chat has been transcribed and made available.
Now I'm off to do some writing and put together a proposal package for editor Jill Noble at Noble Romance Publishing, who chatted with us yesterday and offered to take partials from us this week. I'm going to send her the futuristic paranormal romance novella I wrote around this time last year. It needs a bit of editing, so I'll do that before I send it as well.
So, like usual, I'm busy, busy!

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