Friday, July 23, 2010

Insider Information

I heard from a reliable source in the last few days that some agents are finding it hard to sell romantic suspense at the moment (whether due to a saturation in the market, or waning popularity, I'm not sure) and therefore are not looking to take on any new rom sus authors. This puts a bit of a dent in my plans, since my SOAP manuscript is a rom sus.
So now I'm faced with a choice. Do I keep shopping SOAP around to agents, even knowing the harder odds I might be facing, or do I move on to something else, a sci-fi romance for instance? It seems almost like fate that I started this new manuscript a few weeks back when I'd been putting it off for so long and have now been made aware of this possible roadblock concerning my SOAP book.
While I'm more than happy to put a majority of my energy into this new story, I don't know if I'm ready to totally give up on SOAP yet, after all, I've put an awful lot of work into that these past months. Maybe I'll query a few more agents and see if I get any requests. In the meantime, I'll get writing on my romantic sci-fi.

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