Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Before the Gates Close

Jessica Faust over at BookEnds lit agency announced on her blog last week that she'd be closing for queries from Monday 19th July until sometime in September. Since she's one of the agents on the top of my list and I'm impatient, I decided to shoot her off a quick letter before she closed for the next few months, even though I had said I was going to take some time to finish the editing that needs doing on my SOAP manuscript. I expect she'll ask for the first 3 chapters, if past experience is anything to go on. Those pages are looking great, I believe. As to whether or not she wants to see the entire manuscript after that, who can say? Obviously, as always, I live in hope that she will want to see the whole book. But I admit I still do have a fair bit of editing to get through before that happens.
My editing efforts have been somewhat hampered by the fact that I finally decided to live my dream. I was feeling a bit burned and uninspired by all the editing I'd been doing on SOAP and decided that I was at last going to make a start on writing the one manuscript I'd always wanted to write, but never had; a sci-fi romance.
There were a couple of reasons I'd never tried this before. One, there's not exactly a huge market for them out there at the moment, despite how popular paranormal romances continue to be. Secondly, I didn't know if I could carry it off. Sci-fi readers can't be fooled, I should know, I am one. We want to read a book that sounds genuine, that the writer knew what they were talking about technologically when building this advanced world. There needs to be a finite balance between adequate information about the world (or universe, as it may be) so that the reader doesn't feel lost, the developing romance between the characters and the story which draws them all together.
Quite honestly, I didn't think I could have successfully brought all these elements into play before. Now, however, I feel I've come a long way in my writing in the past year and even past few weeks. I decided I wanted to challenge myself, didn't want to bury my yearning to write a sci-fi romance anymore. I've never started a more researched, considered manuscript than this one. I've been taking notes for yeas, jotting down ideas, putting character's names together.
So for the time being, I'm totally engrossed in my new manuscript, but in another few days I will start dividing my time between the two, after all, I seem to remember once feeling almost as excited about my SOAP manuscript.

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