Sunday, June 20, 2010

Writing in Layers

I'm coming to realize that I tend to write in layers. Either I write the relationship and not enough of the outer story going on around the main characters, or I write the outer story and not enough about the relationship evolving. Obviously being so close to your own work makes it hard to see these sorts of things, so once again I'm thankful for my CP.
Part of the reason this realization came about is because I got a reply back from that agent who just rejected me. While she didn't say either yes or no to the possibility of re-submitting in the future, she did say that if she got time, she would mark up the pages I'd submitted to her with some of her thoughts about what needed to be done to start bringing it up to scratch.
This offer was very generous of her and far, far, far more than I expected or could have ever even dreamed about. So although I already sent her yet another email saying exactly that, I just want to put another "thank you" times a billion out there in the universe because I don't know how long I've been wishing for just some tiny insight into what an agent might be thinking when reading my work.
Once I've gone over my manuscript again and revised these problems, which could take another six to twelve months on my limited writing time, she'll be the first person I send it to, so once again, I have a lot of hope and a lot to look forward to. Of course, I also have a whole lot of hard work between now and then, but at moments like this, I relish the challenge.
Thank you, Agent, for helping me when I needed it most.
Meanwhile, last night I had the weirdest dream. Something about being cryogenically frozen and then when I woke up sometime in the future, I was a teenager again, but I still had my kids with me and my sisters were there and we all had to go back to high school (which we got to via space ship instead of school bus. I guess you'd call it a school ship in that case). And it was all just about the oddest thing I can imagine! Don't know what any of that is meant to mean.

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Cathryn Brunet said...

Wow! That's an astonishingly generous offer from the agent. I hope she finds the time to do it for you. The feedback would be gold.

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