Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Authors with a Sense of Humor

I don't like the Twilight saga. I'm a traditional romance person, so I didn't like the three way thing going on between Bella, Edward and Jacob. I thought Bella and Edward's co-dependant type relationship was a very unhealthy example for teenage girls (like, if my bf dumps me I'm totally going to spend a year sitting in my room staring at a wall and then try to kill myself). I thought the third book (was it Eclipse?) was totally pointless, nothing really happened in it that hadn't already happened before. The only reason I really liked Breaking Dawn is because it ended, thank you, God, it ended. So when I saw my niece wearing a tee-shirt that said "...And then Buffy staked Edward. The End." I was totally on board with that. And someone on YouTube even went to the trouble of creating a mini episode where Buffy does in fact, stake Edward.
This morning on Facebook, Julia Quinn had written on her page "I drove through Forks and didn't see one Vampire or Werewolf." Though, I did notice she didn't add "whiny teens with a death wish" so maybe that bit at least was true.

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