Friday, June 11, 2010

Agent Opportunity

Yesterday one of the RWAus members sent around an email saying her agent is specifically looking for romance authors to represent. She's a new agent, but at an agency with a huge reputation, so I'm jumping on this while I can. Though I'm only halfway through tearing my SOAP manuscript apart and putting it back together, I feel the first couple of chapters are in great condition (otherwise I wouldn't be entering them in the Heart of the Rockies comp) and would be happy for this agent to read them. Being a new agent with only a handful of clients, I really feel like this might give me a better chance of at last finding representation and selling one of my books. So I'm off to draft up a query letter to send off today. Though I'm always optimistic when querying agents, I can't remember ever being this excited about contacting an agent. Fingers crossed that this will be it.

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