Thursday, June 24, 2010

Agent Advice

I received an email from that agent who said she would take some time to offer me some extra advice. She listed a few reasons as to why my work was good, but not great. She thought my writing strong and characters interesting, so I don't need to worry about those major issues, there's just a few things I need to fix as a whole. I'm determined to tackle these problem areas and get the manuscript back to her. Whether or not she ends up being my agent or because of her help, I land someone else, there's no denying she's played a huge part in moving my career forward. So I'm going to spend today thinking about my manuscript in relation to her words and hopefully find ways to apply and move the novel forward.

1 comment:

Lynn Colt said...

It is really awesome that the agent took the time to do this--you must be close, or she wouldn't bother, right? Good luck with revisions!

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