Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Query Resolution

I received an immediate answer from Kensington on yesterday's query letter this morning. While the editor like the sound of my manuscript, she's looking for something 80,000 or longer and since my manuscript is aimed at category publishers, its only 55,000 words long.
But see how well that worked? Within twenty-four hours I had a definitive answer, instead of waiting months and months for my manuscript to make its way to America, find the editor's desk, wade to the top of the slush pile to be read and then sent back to me here in Australia again.
I was thinking about shooting an email back to ask her if I added twenty-five thousand words to it, would she be interested in seeing it then, but I might think about doing it anyway and re-querying her in a couple of months.
And just like that I have a new direction and possibly a new opportunity.

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Cathryn Brunet said...

Do you read Dean Wesley Smith's blog? He talks about querying editors vs agents in his Killing the Sacred Cows series. Really interesting stuff.


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