Friday, May 7, 2010

Not So Difficult Editing

Either I'm slacking off or I'm becoming accustom to the hard slog of editing. This week, I've edited the newly revised chapter 1 of my SOAP manuscript and sent it off to my CP. I was quite happy with the end result, though I know she's still going to rip it to shreds, fill the page with little red boxes and question every single sentence or character's expression or piece of dialogue or description I thought was brilliant. But that's what I want. That's what will help push my manuscript into the stratosphere and make my chances of getting an agent even higher. Yesterday I got half of chapter 2 done and I left my desk without the usual head-pounding.
The reason I started editing the newly drafted version is because its not taking as long to write since a lot of it is just being integrated from the old version. As soon as I hit the halfway point, I want to start querying agents. I figure by the time I query them, get a response, send out any requested partials, get another response and need to send the full ms, months and months will have gone by and I should have the whole thing finished. So that's the plan of the moment. I'm off to do some re-writing and finish editing chapter 2.

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