Saturday, April 3, 2010

Street Game by Christine Feehan, Book 8 in the Ghostwalker Series

I had stopped buying and reading this series a few books ago because I was bored, confused and been disappointed one too many times.
The Ghostwalker series started off great. A team of psychically and genetically enhanced soldiers and the similarly psychic women they'd been 'paired' with by a scientist with a God complex. The first three or so books were fantastic, some of my favourite reads to date. But then it turns out Whitney, the God-scientist, might not be dead. Ok. Fair enough, that creates a bit of tension. Then it turns out there was a second Ghostwalker team and the focus of the books moved to them. Alright, I'm starting to get a little put off, but I'll go with it.
Then it turns out that yes, Whitney is alive and its the worst kept secret in America because pretty much everyone knows. And hey, how about another two Ghostwalker teams and a facility where Whitney is making soldiers get the females pregnant to create little supersoliders. Who are the other two Ghostwalker teams? Are they evil? Do they protect Whitney? No! They're all really good guys, but working against each other unbeknown to each other faction.
Seriously? Now you've lost me. And for a minute I was confused because I thought I was reading some books about James Cameron's Dark Angel TV series.
I'm sorry, Ms. Feehan, but after reading Street Game (because my monthly Rendezvous Bookstore catalogue said if you'd gone off the Ghostwalker series, then this book is the one to get you back into it) I have to say that I'm definitely, 100% over it and won't be reading any more.
Like I said, the series started off great, but then its grown into something so complicated it took the fun out of reading them. I liked it in simpler times when there was only one (ok, maybe two I could have accepted) Ghostwalker teams, back with Lilly when they were simply trying to track down all the people Whitney had experimented on to help them, give them somewhere safe to call home.
The complicated web of multiple Ghostwalker teams and political factions who protect Whitney, the ones trying to kill the Ghostwalkers, the ones trying to protect the Ghostwalkers, the Ghostwalkers fighting Ghostwalkers, the Ghostwalkers working with Ghostwalkers, the Ghostwalkers stumbling around in dark alleyways because they're as freaking confused as I am, well, its all gotten too much.
I think these books have become examples of best seller's syndrome. For a start, did anyone edit this latest book before it his the shelves?
Page 212:
"Mack stepped back away from her, out of the light and into the shadows where she couldn't see his face. Where she couldn't see his body tremble or his hands shake. Tiny red dots appeared, clustered over Mack's heart on his bare chest. A second cluster appeared centered between his eyes. Jamie gasped and froze. Mack stilled, one hand sliding under his shirt at the small of his back as he looked up. Eight grim faced men started at him from across the room, guns drawn and aimed."
This is just one major example of mistakes I've seen littered throughout this book. Not to mention that a whole lot of conversations between characters at some points seem unnecessary and are poorly disguised information dumps that probably could have been handled more smoothly. The characters in this book felt more cardboard than anything, and the supposed camaraderieship between these people who grew up together felt forced instead of flowing naturally. I felt like I was being told, not shown. A cardinal sin for any writer.
Its disappointing that something which started off so fantastic could be reduced to a poorly edited, confusing, dragging 423 pages of reading. I think Ms. Feehan tried to be too clever in detriment to the over all feel and impact of the books.
I'll happily re-read the first three or four and enjoy the punch they deliver every time, but I won't be buying any more books in this series, I've totally lost interest in how it will even end.

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