Friday, March 26, 2010

No News

Nothing to report today. I haven't heard back from The Agent yet, but I believe from her blog she's a bit behind on replying to queries. So I figure it could be up to three weeks before I hear anything. RWA's Val Parv closed today, I wonder how many authors are doing a last minute dash to the finish line at midnight tonight? The entries will be going to judges over the weekend and then its a matter of waiting and waiting and waiting.
You know, the waiting really kills me! You think I'd be used to it by now.
I put in an order with Rendezvous for books this afternoon, despite the fact my to-be-read pile already consists of: Juliet Marillier - The Well of Shades, Charlaine Harris - Trueblood Omnibus, Linnea Sinclair - Games of Command, Laura Griffin - Whisper of Warning, Gina Robinson - Spy Games (&) Spy Candy, Susan Kearney - Lucan (&) Rion and Julie Garwood - Fire and Ice.
Today I added to that list: Suzanne Brockmann - Force of Nature (which I have read and loved, but didn't own a copy until now), Linnea Sinclair - Rebels & Lovers, Susan Grant - Your Planet or Mine? and Kresley Cole - Pleasure of a Dark Prince.
Who knows when I'll actually get to read all of these books. I started Christine Feehan's Street Game this week, but have barley gotten through the first chapter. Not because I'm uninterested in reading it, but simply a lack of time. Since there's not much on TV tonight, I should probably take myself and get some reading done now.

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