Sunday, March 28, 2010

Exciting New Contest!

I checked my email this morning to find news of an exciting contest being held by the Brava imprint from Kensington. For unpublished authors, its a huge opportunity to have a manuscript read by an editor and of course either winning or even placing in the top ten wouldn't be half bad. They haven't put up all the fine details yet about when and where to enter, but it seems I might have at least until September to get something in. I'm thinking its time I cracked out my old SOAP manuscript (which I'd always been planning to get back to soon anyway) and start polishing it like I've never polished anything in my life! At least its a complete manuscript, but some of it is really rough and I'm going to have to edit to the point of melting my brain again. There also might be a few scenes/chapters that would benefit from a re-write. Do I seem exacted? Well, I am just a little. Its a huge opportunity, but I'm realistic, the competition will be fierce and this is going to have to be the best work of my life to get me anywhere.
I've reorganised my writing board to reflect my new goals and I'm going to make a start on things straight away.

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