Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Time For A Change

As you've probably worked out for yourself, I've change the colour of my blog. I thought it was time for something new and while I would have liked to pick one of many very pretty templates, I'd been hearing about this thing called professionalism and thought perhaps I should move in that direction. So its plain old black on white for me. Kinda boring though!
I've also been thinking about a website but since I'm a cheapskate at the moment and I don't want to pay for one, I'd been trying to find somewhere to have one for free. Of course many of them start off free, but eventually you have to pay for your domain name or a monthly fee or something that ends up not actually being free at all.
And then there's things like Wordpress (shh! I think they're in direct competition with blogger, so this post might mysteriously go missing) who are still just a blog, but offer the option of having a couple of different pages. I am leaning towards moving myself over there to incorporate some other author related information along with a blog, but at this point in time I'm jealously guarding every spare minute I could be writing, so don't really want to expend the time or energy swapping and setting everything up.
In other news, I'm getting towards the halfway point on my young adult novel. I've written just on 9,000 words the past two weeks, but am hoping to get a few more than that done this week. So far I'm up to just over 4000, but I'm planning to get a little bit more done tonight and will try and push past the 10,000 mark for this week. The quicker I get words down, the sooner I'll be finished and will be able to start querying agents and publishers.


Cathryn Brunet said...

You have no idea how many times in the last six months I have cursed myself for not being set up for publication.

I wish someone had smacked me around and told me that the time spent putting promotional tools in place is NOT time wasted.

Do it. Time may be precious now but, believe me, it'll be much more precious later. And you'll save yourself a bucketload of stress.

Lynn Colt said...

Hi Jess, just realized I must have lost you on one of your blog moves, but I've got it sorted now. I'd wondered why you weren't posting! LOL.

I have a freewebs subdomain as a personal website that only I use, and the only catch is that if you don't log in once a month they put a thin ad bar at the bottom. It doesn't bug me, though. For my 'author' website I paid for the domain, though honestly it's pretty bare at the moment. I figure I don't have to get serious about my website until I at least snag an agent. But maybe I'm just not great at website tinkering!

Anyway, hope that helps :) Good luck with your current projects!

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