Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chugging Along

I've passed the halfway mark for my YA novel, which I was quite happy about. Its taken me four weeks to write half, so I figure in another four weeks I should have it finished. Writing an entire 80,000 word manuscript in eight weeks is a bit of an achievement, I think. But with how I've organised my writing schedule, it's seemed to happen so easily.
I'm very excited about getting it finished and edited to start querying agents. I'm also wondering when I'll hear from Silhouette, I suppose it'll be a few months. Which is why I prefer querying agents. Its more direct, you're not left in the dark wondering when you'll get a response. Slush piles are torture! So Mr. Agent is on top of my list, followed by another agent who works at them same office as The Agent. Of course, I'd like to query The Agent, but she doesn't represent young adult, so that's why I'm querying the agent in her office who does instead.
All these plans are well and good, but I need to finish the manuscript first. Also, I need to do some serious editing on the manuscript I sent to Silhouette, since I also entered it in the RWA Emerald competition. The entrants who made round two will be announced any day now and I haven't done anything to get it ready to send in case I made the top fifteen. Since this manuscript came in 10th in the last RWA comp I entered it in, I'm hoping its not too far a stretch of the imagination to say I've got a good chance of getting into round two.
So, editing it is then... groan!

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