Friday, December 4, 2009

Almost Done

So far this week I've written about 9500 words, I'm close to getting my Silhouette Romantic Suspense manuscript finished. I just have two or three more scenes to write and it'll all be done. Next week I'll be starting in on the dreaded editing, but I'm very excited about how close I am to getting it sent of to SRS in New York.
I'm thinking about starting another one aimed at their line straight away, I figure if I'm managing to write between 5000 - 10000 words a week, I can have another book finished in about 3 months and by then I should have heard back from SRS. If I've got a second book I can give them straight off, I think it'll give me a good kick start for the 'plan' I have for the next couple of years.
I'm working myself harder than I ever have in terms of my writing, but I'm enjoying every minute of it.

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Cathryn Brunet said...

Wow! That's a great week's work.

Starting the next one straight away sounds like a good idea. As you say, they take time to write and given reponse times it'd be nice to have another on hand in readiness.

Could mean a two book deal, too!

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