Sunday, November 29, 2009


Well, like a crazy person I worked my butt off Thursday and Friday and managed to get my entry for the RWA Emerald comp all fixed up and sent off. Since the first three chapters are mostly fairly well polished, yesterday I wrote a query letter and started the synopsis (hate those things!) for the package I'll be sending to Silhouette in New York. As soon as those last 18,000 words have been written, I'm going to send it while I work on editing the rest. I'm assuming it'll be weeks or months before I hear back from them, so that will give me plenty of time to do some editing and maybe start the series I'm thinking about writing for them. My plan is if I get published with Silhouette, I'd like to try and write 2 (if not 3) books a year for them for the next couple of years. Once I've got that experience I'll then look at re-examining my SOAP series and begin querying agents again, but hopefully this time with a couple of published books under my belt.
Gave myself a break from writing yesterday (plus I have a terrible head-cold and felt craptacular) but today I want to try and knock out at least 2000 words.
Better get to it!

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