Saturday, October 10, 2009

New Project

I know, I can't help it. Another new project. In my own defense, its not my fault, I just couldn't help myself.
I was looking at smaller presses and e-publishers this week and while looking at the Samhain submissions page I noticed they're taking submissions for an angels & demons anthology. Of course, I was immediately interested and then started having ideas and then thought "twenty to thirty thousand words isn't very much, I can knock that off easily before the closing date."
I made a start yesterday after a whole lot of research. I could have just made a lot of stuff up, but I wanted to go with actual demon and angel mythology. I spent a couple of days looking for demons and angels who would fit the story I was planning on doing. What I didn't realize is just how many different types of demons and angels there are.
I wanted to get at least 3000 words written yesterday, but didn't quite make it, finishing for the day on 2,400. I'll try to make up for the loss today. I figured if I wrote three to four thousand words each day, I'll have the basic manuscript finished in 7 days and that'll give me just over 2 weeks to polish and edit. I don't expect much of myself do I? Oh well, I figure its good practice for when I actually get published and have deadlines to work to.
Anyway, blogging isn't going towards my word count, so I'd better get to it.


Eleni Konstantine said...

Jess - good luck with the new project!!!

Cathryn Brunet said...

When I saw this on the submissions page I thought the same but I'm too tied up with other WIPs to give it a shot. Nevermind, I'll just cheer you on instead!

Good luck in getting those words down and polished, Jess. Hope they love your story.

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