Thursday, October 15, 2009

All It Takes Is One...

...rude person and everything goes to hell.
I should be writing. I KNOW! Don't tell me again, but I couldn't help popping over to Nathan Bransford's blog to see how his little paragraph comp was stacking up (2000+ entries and counting) and his last post was asking people what they thought made a good paragraph. Of course I couldn't read the post and then not read people's comments. So off I went, scrolling through 200-odd comments when I should be writing.
Most of it was run of the mill opinions on what people did or didn't like. Then a published author came by and put her two cents in, causing the following commenter to write something rude (of which we will never know because Bransford deleted it and told her she was rude) and then someone further down the page accused the agent of being a control-freak and stating that comments should be left even if he doesn't like their content (and I agree with the person who said something along the lines of it being Bransford's house and yard and if someone else doesn't like things they can take their ball & glove and go home) and then it was all on. Really, you couldn't write stuff like this. Well, you could, but it wouldn't be as spontaneously entertaining.
So that was my amusement for the week. I try not to spend too long reading blogs, etc, but how can I not when sometimes they're so damn riveting?

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