Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Gloves Are Off

Its been another busy few weeks. I got the first 3 chapters into really good shape and then sent a query to The Agent. Yes, we're back to The Agent again, my number one agent on my long list of agents who I would love to work with more than anything. Excitingly enough, she replied the very next day and asked for the first 3 chapters and a synopsis. If you've been reading this blog for long enough you know how much I hate writing the synopsis. Well after more drafts than I can count and a lot of patience from my CP, I actually ended up with one I was quite happy with. I put it all together and then sent it off on Saturday, so now I just have to wait. I'm guessing it'll probably be a good 3 months before I hear anything, going on the guidelines on their website and past experiences. So I'll just continue on with the editing until the rest of the manuscript is requested (hows that for positive thinking?)
While reading agent blogs in my travels lately, it seems there are more bitter writers leaving sour comments about the place lately. Maybe they feel better after leaving bitchy anonymous comments and I can understand their frustrations, but they need to learn that its all part of the process. They wanted in the game and now they don't want to play by the rules. As I have believed for a long time now, its those of us with a level head who continue to persist that will make the finish line. They say the average time it takes an author to get published is 10 years. Well I'm coming up on 8 this year, so I figure I'm right on track.

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lynn said...

Congrats on your request! Crossing my fingers for you, and good luck editing the rest of the manuscript--so far it's taken anywhere from one to three months for agents with partials to get back to me, if that helps gauge response times.

And yay for awesome CPs!

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