Sunday, June 7, 2009


So I'm afraid the string of uninteresting posts are going to continue, since I'm doing nothing but editing and editing at the moment. No writing to speak of at all. Even though the work is tedious, its also exciting to see the manuscript evolving into something more than just words on a page.
I'm also looking forward to entering it in comps and starting another round of queries. Last time I managed to hook the agents but lacked the follow through. I think with this work I might actually now have the follow through. But that's still a long way off yet. For now, I'll just keep concentrating on editing.

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Anita Joy said...

Don't think it uninteresting! Editing just one of the many stages everyone goes through. And it can be exciting as you tighten and polish and watch the words really become your story.

Good luck for when you start submitting!

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