Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Sudden Death

Yes, my blog did seem to die a sudden death, didn't it? I just disappeared off the face of the... well, net, one day. I can tell you that it was because I was very, very busy. You see, I've been editing my historical manuscript with my crit partner (or CP in the lingo.) Remember her? Yes, I've spent every spare computer moment editing until my brain was spinning.
Oh, and I also joined Twitter. Apart from keeping up with agent and publisher related stuff, apparently its also good for stalking celebrities. Though, once I'm published I may not think that's so funny any more.
The reason I finally found myself stopping by here is because my email account got hacked (fricking bastards, think its funny, do you?) and so I was going around to everywhere I have anything on the internet and changing my passwords. So that's that. I'd better keep going with it, and I will try to blog more often.


Cathryn said...

Ahh, been wondering where you were. Good to see you back.

Eleni Konstantine said...

Hey Jenna - nice to see you again. And urgggh with those who stole your email address. A pox on them!!

Monique Wood said...

Hey J,

Just letting you know I got one of your virus emails but opened it before I realised. But I warned the other gals in chat (I know Anita got one, but deleted it).

Sorry to hear about your email issues, and hope your writing is back on track!

:-) Mon

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