Thursday, December 4, 2008

Time's a Wastin'

My daughter is asleep. I could be adding to the 3000 word start I made on the Re-Write the other day. But what am I doing? Email. Reading blogs. Procrastinating about Atrophy (which, you'll be excited to learn, we've actually made a start on. The pilot episode is on it's way, though don't expect anything posted until after Christmas. It's taken us a week to write one page). I'm writing this blog entry. These are the pitfalls of having the Internet.
I was over at Lynn's blog where she is getting to the final stages of her ms before sending out to agents. I wish her all the luck, because obviously we all know what a hard slog it is! I need some more discipline. I've got half a manuscript to re-write before editing. My prospects of sending out to agents won't be coming around until mid-next year I would guess. In fact, it'll probably be about time to enter the RWA STALI comp again by the time I get things in order. But I'm not thinking about that! One thing I've discovered about this business is that time literally has no meaning. A year is a blink in the publishing world. And you just have to learn to live with it or go find something else to do. Obviously I have learned to live with it, otherwise I wouldn't be here.
I think back to when I started out writing and it was inconceivable that seven (now almost eight) years down the track I still wouldn't be published. Now it wouldn't surprise me if I went yet another eight years with no agent or contract in sight (but God, I hope not!)
In other news I, along with several other lovely RWA ladies here in Victoria will be forming a new group. Excitement! I've always wanted a group of my very own. I'm really looking forward to the help they're going to provide in terms of the new half of SOAP book 1.
So that's where I'm at. Now I'm going to start writing and my daughter is sure to wake up!
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lynn said...

So true about time having no meaning in the writing biz. We think we've set up a schedule to be slam-dunk published, and a year later there's still tons of work to be done and the schedule is laughing hysterically that we thought it was actually serious. There are so many steps that I never thought of when I started out. But we keep slogging, because when it comes down to it the stories are worth the effort (and pain and tears, etc).

Good luck with the writing group! I haven't found one yet, though I know i should. There must be writers around where I live, I just don't know where to find them!

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