Monday, December 29, 2008

Returning From Holiday Land

I'm trying to get myself back into the swing of writing. I find it hard at this time of year because most of everyone I know (especially my husband) has a few weeks holiday off over Christmas and New Year so the laze-about vibe is hard to resist. Of course being that I work in my dad's shop that only closes on Christmas day and that's it for the whole year, I don't actually get any time off this year, I'm working right through.
As I said, I'm trying to get my head back into writing space. Besides the fact that apparently Cafrine and I are suppose to post the first blogisode of Atrophy on the 1st of January (oh my god, oh my god, what were we thinking?) I found out yesterday that Firebrand Lit are doing what they're calling the "holiday query" where you don't have to send anything other than your first chapter. I know, I know, I'm maybe probably not quite ready to do that. But it's a one off opportunity and I like taking risks (supposedly). I've had a few people read over the first chapter and have been working hard to get it into shape, so I'm just going to do it. Send it off and hope for the best. There's still some tweaking I'd like to do and luckily I've got until the 15th of January. Hence trying to get my head into Writer's Space so I can actually get some decent work done.
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