Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Missing Out

Clearly I don't need to find anything else to distract me on the Internet when I should be writing, but there must be so much great stuff out there I'm missing out on. Like The Guild for instance. I knew you could look up funny videos on YouTube and clips of your fav TV series, and I had a vague knowledge of the channels you could subscribe to, but I'd never explored it at any great length. And then Cafrine told me about The Guild. And of course now I'm hooked. And will possibly spend a lot more time on YouTube (just when I'd beaten the time-sucking vortex demon otherwise known as Facebook). Then the other day there was the website Cracked which featured a write up on the Twilight books and movies that was just hil-arious. Not to mention all of the other funny stuff on there.
Anyway, there was a lot of chatter on the web this morning about Borders bookstores making a deal with HarperStudios so that for a steeper discount, Borders will be buying the books on a non-returnable basis. Traditionally in bookstores, the store had the option of returning any unsold copies of for a full refund or credit. I don't understand much how it works beyond that, but it seems this led to a massive over-printing of copies, which in turn resulted in many books being pulped, and obviously this is just not environmentally friendly.
So now there is the worry for us unpublished authors that this will make the market even more competitive. That publishers and bookstores will be more cautious about taking chances on the unknown author.
Not to diminish people's fear, but I just can't worry about this. It seems every other month something is happening in this industry that makes the unpublished masses quake in their slippers (because apparently half of all writers out there sit around in their pj's all day since this job doesn't require us to go anywhere or get dressed). The economy. The agents only accepting query letters, the publishers not accepting any unsolicited mail, e-books available over the net, and now Borders experimenting with it's book-buying policy.
Instead of looking for reason as to why this industry is harder on us everyday, I'm just going to concentrate on my own writing and remember what many agents have said: "None of these things matter, if you've written a damn good book, you will sell it."
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Justus M. Bowman said...


The Dribbler said...

"None of these things matter, if you've written a damn good book, you will sell it."

And that's the truth. There's no point worrying about the doom and gloom/death of publishing soothsayers. People are still reading. They still want good stories told well. If you can do that, you're home and hosed.

Eleni Konstantine said...

Looking at the positive - just checked out The Guild link. Thanks, that goes on the list of things I can do when I should be writing - LOL!

And I'll be still working on my MS despite gloom and doom in the industry right now. Onward!

Kathleen Peacock said...

Not to diminish people's fear, but I just can't worry about this.

Good call. Awareness is good but at some point fear really starts getting in the way. People become so worried that they start second guessing very decision and that way leads to chaos and tummy aches.

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