Saturday, November 15, 2008

Tough Going

The work on SOAP book 1 is coming along nicely. In the end I did decide to go with the Slight Setting Adjustment I'd been talking about in my previous blog. So far I've done a hard edit on the first two chapters and am starting on the third. It's slow going and it's hard since I'm trying to be brutally honest with myself, but hopefully by the end of it I'll have a much better manuscript to the send off to the RWA Emerald comp (which is for unpublished authors and is designed to mimic the submissions process to a publishing house) and also I'll be able to re-query some agents in the new year. Which interestingly enough will bring me almost full circle, a year since I sent out the first query letters about SOAP. Seriously, time looses all meaning when it comes to this industry. I can't believe it's been a year since I started querying SOAP. And it's been about a year and a half since I first entered it in a comp. And it's probably been a good three years almost since I first came up with the concept. Who knows how much longer it'll be before I actually get this baby published? Hopefully not too long, but then I'm always hoping that, aren't I?
Anyhoo, with all this editing taking up my time it means I haven't had a chance to do any writing. I might have to rectify that in the near future, put the editing aside temporarily before it drives me crazy and just do some good old fashioned pen to paper. Or keyboard to screen I suppose you would say in this day and age.
Also, work on The Project is coming along. Slowly at this stage since it only really began yesterday and we're (yes, I say we because it is a joint project with Cafrine. See? All the time there are new little clues) still trying to sort out what exactly we're doing. And possibly why, because maybe we're a little bit crazy to be doing what we're doing, but hopefully it'll all be in good fun and success.
Song: All These Thing That I Have Done by The Killers

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