Sunday, November 2, 2008

New Beginning

It's always so easy at the start. There' so much potential. You have so many ideas. The characters and their relationships are new and exciting. You think you'll get this done in no time and have another workable manuscript to sell. But then you hit the slump and suddenly things aren't so rosy anymore.
My Silhouette Romantic Suspense manuscript is coming along beautifully at the moment. Its not going to be as long as the manuscripts I usually work on, so I have this vision that I'll therefore finish it much more quickly and soon have something to send off to SRS. Of course, I think it's going to be that way, but it never turns out like that. Eventually I hit a slump and then what was great fun becomes a slog and that's where the whole persistence thing comes in.
Contrary to my statement about leaving SOAP book 2 on hold, I've actually found that I haven't been able to. I did a tiny bit of work on it this minoring before I started on the SRS manuscript. Its probably a good thing. Working on two at once will hopefully keep me fresh and I'll find it easier to keep writing. When one's not working, I'll be able to concentrate on the other for the time being. Besides, I have this fear that SOAP book 2 is going to be shortlisted with the RWA STALI comp I entered as opposed to SOAP book 1 and then when the editor at Berkeley reads it she'll request the full and I won't have it to give to her (eeek!). If that happens, I'll probably have a coronary. One; because they actually requested my work, and two; because I'll have to work day and night to suddenly finish SOAP book 2. If only there was someway to get it out of my head without having to actually sit down and manually type (I'm seriously beginning to wonder if I'm not getting RSI). Like there was some computer where you could just attach electrodes to your head and think about it and then presto! It's there on the screen. That would be so helpful and in turn so very lazy.
Anyway, I should get back to writing and stop thinking about brain-sucking technology that would actually probably be really dangerous.
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