Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Editing Still

Ok, so this title is just the last title backwards, but since it's still true, I think I'm allowed to use it. Yes, I have edited a whole 70 pages of my manuscript. It's slow going. It's driving me crazy. It makes me wish I had someone else to do it for me. It's the one thing about writing that I avoid until I can't avoid it any longer. Which to other people might seem stupid since editing is part of writing. I love the actual writing. I hate the going over and over and over it trying to decide which bits to change and how to change them or if I should have even changed it in the first place and maybe I should have left it like it was.
Anyway, I don't really want to keep thinking about it tonight. There's plenty to do tomorrow. Oh, and remind me to post about the fact that I just finished Sherrilyn Kenyon's Acheron. I really should be posting about the books I'm reading more often.
Song: Fall For You by Secondhand Serenade

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