Sunday, November 23, 2008

Blog Fiction

I've been dong a bit of research on blog fiction lately, out of interest to see what's out there. I have to say I've been surprised by the scope of talent out there. While I always found webook uninspiring due to the volumes of (dare I say it) crap posted on there, it seems those who take the time and effort to set up their own blog fiction really have something going for them. I suppose you'd want to have some serious dedication and talent to devote the time to setting up and regularly posting fiction on a blog, while with webook its easy to just chuck up whatever you want, whenever you want.
My new devotion to this somewhat maligned format of publishing has been cemented by what I think is a golden find, the blog series Steal Tomorrow. I have to assume that the author is American, and it actually reminds me of a best-selling series we have here in Australia by John Marsden called Tomorrow, When the War Began. The concepts are a little similar, but the stories are vastly different. The author's execution of Steal Tomorrow is just brilliant (in my opinion) and I'll be following it closely from now on. I wish this author every success, and truly believe that she might really have something if she wanted to pursue more traditional means of publication.
That said, I have other work to do!
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bunnygirl said...

Hi, Jess, and thanks for the link! I'm glad you're enjoying Steal Tomorrow. I think a lot of people had a similar fantasy as kids- wouldn't it be great if the grownups were all gone? I tied that fantasy to what I learned from writing and researching other post-apocalyptic fiction (some of which is online), and it ended up being an interesting project.

Web fiction isn't the right way to go for everyone, but I think it can meet a writer's needs if one remains realistic. It's a way to get feedback from people who aren't your friends or your mother. It can help build a readership for future books. It's a way to experiment and to share projects that for whatever reason aren't easy to market to a traditional publisher. Sometimes web fiction or a POD book can make the jump into traditional publishing, but I would discourage anyone from starting with that end in mind.

We're lucky to be living in a time when we have so many options for getting our words in front of readers. It would be a fine thing for you, for me, and for all our writer friends to make scads of money and become household names. But better still that we enjoy what we're doing.

I'll enjoy seeing where you go with your big project and the other items in your queue!

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