Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Big Re-Write Question

As you would realize if you're a regular reader of this blog, I've been considering what to (or perhaps not to) do to my manuscript, SOAP book 1. Until now I'd been going along with the plan that I would make some changes, including the much debated-upon Slight Setting Adjustment. However there have been many comments over time from many different sources that has lead me to The Big Re-Write Question. I believe I might have mentioned while talking about the Slight Setting Adjustment that it was suggested to me that a book set in a current conflict situation, such as Iraq, is always hard to sell.
I've also wondered for awhile if the emotional conflict between my hero and heroine was working well enough, feeling that some of it was a bit superficial and maybe cliched. The overall idea of SOAP is great. It's what everyone loves. It's what got all the agent's attention. But the actual manuscript is obviously not working. That's the sense I'm getting. So do I try to overhaul what's already there, or do I start again? Begin fresh. Keep the essence but do a whole new story?
Which is going to serve me better in the long run? Am I wanting to start again because on the surface that would be easier than fixing what I already have? Part of me doesn't want to start again because the thought of beginning a whole new manuscript is always daunting. Part of me feels like the issues I need to fix can't actually really be fixed at all, hence the need for a whole new story. Obviously I don't know which is the better option. One way or another, I need to decide and get to work!
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lynn said...

I'd say go with your instincts: you say you've been feeling for a while that the story as-is has some major integral flaws, but that the concept is sound. Go for the total rewrite, the new story that retains the essence of the premise.

I know it's hard to cast aside a story you love (I've had to do it more than once), but when you rebuild it, it will be even more lovable. The experience you have with the weaknesses in the current manuscript will make your next version of the story that much more awesome, because you'll be able to avoid the pitfalls and craft the story anew.

Hope this helps. Good luck and believe in your talent!

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