Thursday, November 6, 2008

...And That's The End of Your Career

People just don't realize how destructive the Internet can be. Actually, to put it in perspective, people have a tendency towards self-destructive or stupid behaviour, so it's not really the Internet's fault. But these days it's more than likely to end up on the Internet for the entire world to see and before you know it your life is never going to be the same. A prime example of this is a story I saw this week of a professional cheerleader in America who had a few too many drinks (presumably), did something extremely stupid and after the photos were put on Facebook, she lost her job and pretty much her entire career. And just like that, the life she had planned out will never be.
Anyway, in other news I received another rejection this morning. I'm not so worried about it this time around, as obviously I have a few proposals and competition entries out at the moment. But apart from that, I've been thinking and thinking and thinking about SOAP book 1 and am now preparing to do some major overhaul before re-querying some of the agents who were interested the first time around. This won't be an overnight thing. I imagine I won't be ready to do any re-querying until sometime into the new year.
There's a handful of things that have been on my mind and as the results of these current proposals and competitions come in, I have decided to go ahead and change them. For instance, the very first scene. It's good, I like it, but I've been asking myself for a long while: "is it necessary? What is the point of it really?" And I'm afraid the answer could be that it has no point, other than a way of introducing my heroine. Which obviously means its not working successfully in terms of the overall story. The other thing on my mind is part of the setting. I don't mind telling you that part of the book is set in Iraq. One of the lovely ladies on the RWA e-loop (who is a published author and would know more about what goes on in the publishing world than I, obviously) suggested that this may be a contributing factor in not being able to sell the manuscript because often it is hard to sell a book set in places in the world where there is current conflict. Of course, my story partly hinges on the fact that there is conflict in that part of the world at the moment, but I beginning to think I could make a minor setting adjustment without taking away from the story as it is. In fact, it might even be better.
In doing this I am going to be up for a bit of revision research, but that's ok because it's partly why I love being an author; the excuse to spend hours studying topics I otherwise wouldn't have a reason to.
So that's where I'm at today. I have a fair bit of work ahead of me, but oddly enough I am looking forward to it. Apparently I'm a sucker for punishment.
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