Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Where Have I Been?

Actually, I don't know where I've been. Here, but not in front of the computer. I spent last week getting ready, printing off, and sending my entry for the RWAus STALI comp. So it's all gone now along with lots and lots of hope. I've also been busy with non-writing-related stuff and sick. The whole sick thing has been extremely energy-sapping, so I've done no writing in the past couple of weeks, much to my frustration. I'm going to have to find time in the near future to sit down and get some done, because I get a bit jittery if I go too long without doing any writing. I guess I'm kinda addicted.
However I know I'm probably not going to get that chance until next Monday, because I'm fully booked between now and then.
On the agent front, I haven't heard back from any of the agents I queried in the last round. I also haven't heard back from Avon, which is unusual because they have on their website (and I know from previous experience) that they usually respond within two weeks. I'm not going to do much about Avon except keep waiting, but I might send some follow up letters to some of the agents. And speaking of follow up letters, the ones I sent several weeks ago to agents who hadn't got back to me from May never replied. I'm not all that surprised and I'll just move their names into the 'no response' folder in my computer.
I can't remember from last year how long it was before the results of the STALI came out, and I guess for the time being my hope is riding on those two entries. And I suppose soon I should consider which agents to write to next. You know, no response is worse than a rejection. I hate being left in limbo. I'd really rather know either way.

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