Saturday, October 11, 2008

Supernatural - Lazarus Rising

Beware of Supernatural spoilers in this post if, for some insane reason, you haven't started watching Season 4 yet...
I realized that although I mentioned the other day that Supernatural was starting again here in Oz, I never said what I thought about the episodes. I say episodes because we were lucky enough to have a two hour special, screening both Lazarus Rising and Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester.
LR was extremely great. I thought it was all done really well. And the part with Dean digging himself out of his own grave? Wow. I mean, hell, if that angel was going to save him, he could have at least dug up the coffin first. But I guess that wouldn't have had me holding my breath for the first five minutes.
The reunions with Bobby and Sam pretty much went as I expected. It took some convincing for both of them to realize it was actually Dean. And I just have to say, boy had Jared Padalecki bulked up over the break. Or maybe the creators were just clever enough to make it seem that way. I mean, we all know that he's always had a totally ripped body from the couple of tee shirt-less scenes he's done. Anyway, getting back on track...
I had a suspicion pretty early on that it was an angel, or arch-angel or some sort of good-guy that had saved Dean from 'the pit.' Call it writer's intuition I suppose. I always just think "what would I do if I were writing the script?" and nine times out of ten I'm usually right. I should so totally write for these guys. I have some great storyline ideas, never mind the fact that I have no idea how to write a script. A novel? No problem. Scripts are a whole other ball game.
Sorry, I seem to be going off on random tangents today.
Back to SN, the next issue we come across is Ruby. Now, I'm sorry to the actress who has newly acquired this role, but I think so far I like last season's Ruby a lot better. She had more kick-ass attitude ("Does anyone have a breath mint? Some guts splattered in my mouth while I was fighting my way in here.") And although the character would obviously be scripted and written the same way, execution was never going to be. This Ruby seems to be more doe-eyed and apparently afraid of the angels. Well, fair enough, but the last Ruby would have come across as totally pissed and sarcastic. This one? Not so much.
So Sam promised Dean not to use his psychic abilities. But what do we find? Sam express-posting a Demon back to hell using only the power of his mind and right hand. Demon like? Totally.
Which brings us to a very interesting point. Sam was supposed to go dark-side and lead the demon army. In my opinion, he's already taken that freeway exit by doing exactly what Dean asked him not to. Meanwhile, God apparently has big plans for Dean (and then there's the prophesy. We couldn't have God involved without a prophesy, could we?).
So can we see the total contrast here between good and bad? Darkness and light? Will Sam and Dean end up facing off? Will Dean be forced to kill Sam just like Daddy-Winchester told him way back in Season 2?
I find it interesting that Dean ended up on God's side while Sam has gone the other way. Dean was always the darker or the two, willing to push the boundaries, always getting closer to crossing the line, whereas Sam was his moral compass, often bringing him back from the edge. Although, truth be known, we have seen some role-reversal going on in Season 3 in particular. And there's always the threat hanging over their head from when Dean brought Sam back at the end of Season 2 and the yellow eyed demon said to Dean "how sure are you that what you got back was 100% Sam?"
So well done to the creators and writers. They haven't disappointed and have in fact raised a lot of interesting questions. Its been said before, but if you've never watched Supernatural, now is the time to get on board. I'll be looking forward to see what else they throw at us this season.
Oh, by the way. Was on youtube and some people have invented what they think the opening credits of SN would be like if they had one. I thought this one was actually pretty good. Not to mention I'm a fan of the song. ;)
Song: Supermassive Black Hole by Muse.

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