Monday, October 6, 2008

Out of My Hands

I sent the requested material off to the 'Agent A' this morning. I gave some last minute read overs, but there wasn't really anything I could or would have changed. So now Agent A has it and I'll just have to spend the next two months waiting to hear back. By then I should also know whether I made the short list for the RWA STALI comp.
And I just thought I'd mention; you know what I love about Agent A? She didn't want to see a synopsis. Alleluia!
Thank God. All she wanted was the chapters and hopefully they'll speak for themselves.
Meanwhile, I've signed up for another Book In A Week with RWA. That will be starting in about two weeks from now and since I did so well with my last aim, I upped the stakes and am shooting for 10,000 words this time around. Should be a bit more of a challenge.
Supernatural starts back on TV here tonight. WOO!
Song: Grand Theft Autumn - Fallout Boy

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