Thursday, October 23, 2008

BIAW Wednesday

I'm happy to report that yesterday's Book In A Week tally was vastly improved. I managed to write 2413 words, bringing me to just over 4000 words, which is almost 50% of my target. Through the RWAus e-loop, I also heard about another competition I'm going to enter. It's similar to the RWA STALI comp I've entered. The final judge is an editor from MIRA books, so if I can make it into the short list it's yet another opportunity to have my work seen by an editor at a major publishing house.
I also had a discussion with my husband about joining Romance Writers of America. I've always intended to become a member, but it's not exactly cheap. And damn, I just realized I should have joined when the Aussie dollar was worth almost as much as the American dollar. Now I think it's back down to 60 cents or something. Anyway, if I joined them I'd also be able to enter their competitions. Every little bit helps.
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