Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Agents and Supernatural - In The Beginning

Two posts about Supernatural in a row? It must be that time of the year.
Before I get into that though, just thought I'd mention that I got a rejection for Agent A this morning. She didn't waste any time making up her mind. It was the same as all the other ones. It just wasn't right for her but that didn't mean it wouldn't be right for someone else. But what does that really mean? Obviously the idea is coming across well enough, but is something not working in the actual manuscript? I wish one of these agents would actually take five minutes to explain a bit more in depth. And in all honesty, I am thinking about emailing Agent A and asking. The worst she can do is say no or ignore me. I won't have lost anything for it. Meanwhile it's been 4 weeks since I queried Avon and now I'm wondering whether to keep waiting or send them a follow up. Its so hard to know what to do in these situations.
Also, my dad asked me an interesting question this morning. He asked how I felt about trusting the integrity of the system, in that what's to stop an agent taking my idea and getting one of their writers to re-write it. That's the kind of paranoia I try to avoid. I don't really have a choice. Ok, maybe it could happen, but I have to do my homework and make sure I'm only dealing with agents who are above-board and hope that it doesn't happen to me.
So, onto Supernatural.
This ep was interesting because Dean was sent back in time to learn the truth about what went on with his parents and the yellow eyed demon. I thought it was great that they did an ep where the boys were totally separated and had no contact whatsoever.
Although Sam basically wasn't in the ep, his impact on it was not lessened. It is quite clear that Sam is already well on the road to the dark side, and I wouldn't be surprised to learn later in the season that Ruby has been working for or working in place of the YED all along. I also don't think Sam really realizes how far gone he actually is. This was highlighted by the end of the ep where Castielle says to Dean: "your brother is on a dark path. Stop him, or we will."
I still can't believe they ended the ep there. I think that's the first time I've ever really gotten frustrated by SN (apart from the end of S3 where Dean was left in Hell). They've always been really good about wrapping things up and keeping things contained. Not this ep though. They had to leave us hanging. Now I can't wait to see what happens when Dean finds Sammy using his demon-given powers along side Ruby. Also, I totally won't be surprised if Sam and Ruby have been sleeping together. I can see things are going to get worse between Sam and Dean before (if) they get better.
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