Wednesday, October 8, 2008

About Time

I'm finally about to do a serious edit on SOAP book 1. I've done basic edits, structural edits, etc, but no full-on, search-for-every-possible-problem-edit. Of course, the first three chapters have been edited to death, with them being sent off to comps and agents, but the rest has been lagging behind. So I'm going to start doing in in preparation for the entire manuscript being requested by Agent A or the editor who is judging the short list for the RWA STALI comp. Optimistic much?
Anyhoo, yesterday I went out and bought a laptop stand and a separate keyboard. I've been having some trouble with my wrists and fingers being sore lately, and I'm kinda scared I'm giving myself RSI (Repetitive Stress Injury) so I thought maybe I should do something about that since I've known for a long while that typing too much on laptops can be bad for you. Actually I'm probably going to be worse off because I got a wireless keyboard and I can already envisage myself slouching back in my chair, feet up on the desk with the keyboard on my lap. I'm sure that will be much better for my back and wrists and hands...
Song: It's Like That - Run DMC vs Jason Nevins

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