Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Waiting Again

Still no word from The Agent. It's been a week since she emailed me, and of course I'm back to the old waiting game. I really hope its not going to be too much longer. Of course I don't want to hear a 'no', but not knowing is so much worse.
I've been re-working the end, fixing up a few basic plot and character problems that my critique partner picked up for me. She said maybe if I do all those things it'll send out some good vibes and hopefully I'll get the answer I'm looking for.
The two entries for the RWAus comp Single (Title) & Loving It! are all ready to be sent off. It doesn't close until Friday the 19th, so I'm putting off sending it for the moment in the hopes that The Agent will get back to me with a 'yes' and then I'll have no reason to enter the comp. If, however, the unthinkable happens and I get another rejection, I have high hopes that at least one of the entries will make it into the short list and land on the desk of an editor at Berkeley, who will be making the final judgement. Of course then I'm hoping the editor will like what she reads and request the full manuscript and things will happen from there. So that's where I'm at. I have a plan, and I'm hoping one way or another, things will unfold in my favour.
Better get back to my revision work.

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