Monday, September 8, 2008

Taking A Moment to be Political

This isn't my forte. I don't have huge political opinions and although I have my own belief in particular things, I certainly don't try to force my beliefs onto others. Also, I never intended to use this blog as a tool to talk about these sorts things, but something I saw on the news earlier this week hit me in a soft spot apparently.
There was footage on the news about an anti-abortion protest going on. Unfortunately it seems a handful of these anti-abortion people are a bit fanatical. You often see them in the news because they've posted out graphic letters to the unsuspecting public or done some other equally over zealous thing. Personally, while I wouldn't get an abortion myself, I would never condemn someone else doing it. Even if abortion wasn't legal, those who really wanted to have one would find a way, probably at cost to their own health. In the same vein I don't agree with the people who do protest outside abortion clinics. Yes, they have a right to their own opinion, I won't deny that, but forcing that opinion onto others, upsetting those who are probably already in an extremely volatile and vulnerable emotional state is (in my opinion) terribly wrong, small minded and bigoted. Worse, many of these people justify their actions by religion. Did they forget the part about loving thy neighbour, forgiving others as God forgives us, tolerance and empathy to others?
Worse than this, the footage I saw on the news that got me going was of a child who couldn't have been older than 8 marching along with a placard sign, the message written in colour and glitter. I can't even begin to describe how wrong I find this. Isn't it bad enough that this person has take a child too young to understand to an emotionally explosive rally, yet they've also given the child a sign to carry. Yes, guide your children to adulthood with the views and beliefs of the world you have, but to use them in such a manner, to put them in such a position where they don't even understand the gravity of the situation? That is what I find disgusting and inexcusable. But that's my opinion. I wouldn't expect others to agree with me. Their belief is their prerogative.
On Friday night the Steve Martin movie 'Cheaper by the Dozen' was on. And believe it or not there was a quote in that movie that really struck me. Towards the end he said "if I screw up raising my kids, any achievements I make in life won't be worth much."
I guess I was thinking of it more in terms of my own life. Yes, my career is extremely important to me, but I would give it up in a second if I had to for my daughter (and future children). My husband and I are still young, we're not well off, we've definitely put having a family in front of material wealth and comfort, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Ok, we might not be able to give our daughter whatever she wants, who knows if we'll ever be able to afford our own home, we won't be able to send her to the best private school in the city, but we'll be happy. We are happy and she'll have a stable home and a supportive, loving family which is so much more important.
To me anyway.

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