Wednesday, September 17, 2008


The good news today is that out of the handful of agents I queried yesterday, I didn't get any immediate rejections this morning. It more than likely just means that they haven't got around to reading my query letter yet, but still, it's better to get them at least one at a time rather than altogether.
Obviously rejection just makes me more determined to get somewhere, to succeed, because although receiving 3 immediate rejections yesterday morning was totally demoralizing, my response wasn't to dwell and wallow in my depression, but to find another lot of agents to write to and to re-work my query letter and synopsis. In the query letters I wrote yesterday, I spoke more about my intention for the manuscript and series, hoping that might help sell the idea. I know in the end its my writing that's going to seal the deal, but I won't get the chance for it to be considered unless I can get past the query letter stage. I'm obviously also hoping that Avon might show some interest and request some material. As I've previously said, it would be much easier to find an agent if I had some interest from a publisher. Tomorrow afternoon I'm going to print off and send my entries to the RWAus Single (Title) & Loving It! comp. It doesn't close until next Friday, but I may as well get it sent since it's all ready. And then it'll be back to that game I hate. The waiting.

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