Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Same Old, Same Old

A few things have happened since my last post, though none of them terribly exciting. I sent a few follow-up emails to agents who haven't responded to my queries. I know that some of them will only reply if they want to see more work, but I've avoided following-up with those ones since the silence speaks for itself. Not to be totally harsh about it or anything, because I know agents are busy and often get abused by crazy-illusions-of-grandeur authors, but how hard is it to send a little 'thanks, but no thanks' email? I don't need anything other than that. At least that way I know they got it and it didn't get eaten by a spam filter between here and America.
Anyhoo, this week I also put together a 'vision board' for myself to invoke all things positive. I even designed book covers for myself. I think it'll help me stay on track and chase away the self-doubt when I get those pesky rejections.
This morning I was printing off my entries for the RWAus Single (Title) & Loving It! comp. I thought I had myself all covered in the ink department, but apparently not. Even though I had spare cartridges, I got three quarters of the way through and ran out. So I'm waiting for my hubby to bring some home so I can continue printing it all off. Then I can send it and not have to think about it again until the results are posted.
I've written a couple of thousand words this past week as well. I seem to be doing things at a slow and steady pace at the moment, not in fits and starts like I used to. I suppose being a mum has made me value my time more and forced me to be a little more organised. So going along like this, my second SOAP book should be finished in a timely fashion and I can begin on the third. Exciting thoughts!

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